Publications & presentations

Here’s an overview of my academic publications and related work. See also my Google Scholar profile.

Peer-reviewed articles & chapters

  1. L Diver, (2020) ‘Computational Legalism and the Affordance of Delay in Law’ 1(1) Journal of Cross-disciplinary Research in Computational Law. AbstractFull text
  2. L Diver, (2021) ‘Digisprudence: The Design of Legitimate Code’ 13(2) Law, Innovation and Technology. AbstractFull text
  3. J Zomignani Barboza, L Jasmontaitė-Zaniewicz, L Diver, (2020) ‘Aid and AI: The Challenge of Reconciling Humanitarian Principles and Data ProtectionPrivacy and Identity 2019: Privacy and Identity Management. Data for Better Living: AI and Privacy 161. AbstractFull text
  4. L Diver, (2018) ‘Law as a User: Design, Affordance, and the Technological Mediation of Norms’ 15(1) SCRIPTed 4. AbstractFull text
  5. L Diver and B Schafer, (2018) ‘Opening the Black Box: Petri Nets and Privacy by Design’ 31(1) International Review of Law, Computers & Technology 68. AbstractFull text
  6. L Edwards, D McAuley, L Diver, (2016) ‘From privacy impact assessment to social impact assessmentIEEE Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW) 53. AbstractFull text
  7. B Schafer, D Komuves, JMN Zatarain, L Diver, (2015) ‘A fourth law of robotics? Copyright and the law and ethics of machine co-production’ 23(3) Artificial Intelligence and Law 217. AbstractFull text
  8. D Komuves, JN Zatarain, B Schafer, L Diver, (2015) ‘Monkeying Around with Copyright – Animals, AIs and Authorship in LawInternationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion (IRIS) 26. AbstractFull text
  9. L Diver, (2008) ‘Would the current ambiguities within the legal protection of software be solved by the creation of a sui generis property right for computer programs?’ 3(2) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 125. AbstractFull text

Talks & conference presentations

  • Technological mediation vs. the Rule of Law’, Conference on the Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations 2020. Abstract
  • Legal Tech, or Story of Your [Legal] Life’, Gikii 2019. Abstract
  • The law as (mere) user: affordance and the mediation of law by technological artefacts’, TRILcon 2018. Abstract
  • Digisprudence: developing a legal-theoretical approach to compliance by design’, BILETA 2018. Abstract
  • The lawyer in the machine: towards the automation of privacy by design’, BILETA 2016. Abstract

Commentaries, book reviews, and blog posts