'Interpreting the Rule(s) of Code' featured on the Future of Coding podcast

I was amazed (and honoured) that my paper ‘Interpreting the Rule(s) of Code’ is the focus of this week’s episode of the influential Future of Coding podcast.

During a 2.5 hour (!) discussion the presenters (two computer scientists) dig deep into the idea of illegitimate software code, and how the ideas the paper presents might shift the focus of software development in a new and positive way. Academia can feel like a bubble, so it’s very cool to see my work get picked up and taken seriously by its target community.

Might be worth a listen (and a read) if you’re interested in the cross-over of software development, legal theory, dark patterns, philosophy of language, legal tech, and more (!)

  • The podcast episode is available here (discussion of the paper starts at about 35mins).
  • The paper is available open access here.